The story of America is written in its small towns. The documentary Voices of Vail follows Vail Arizona, The Town Between the Tracks™, through a century of change. It is a celebration of the people, history, and remarkable natural beauty that makes Vail special. The film is accompanied by an original overture written by Tucson Symphony Young Composer Claire Thai.
Understanding our heritage builds understanding and connections between people and the place they call home. Voices of Vail is produced by Vail Preservation Society and brought to the silver screen by local film makers Dennis Farris and Gerald Lamb with support from the Arizona Humanities and a cadre of dedicated volunteers.
Vail is one of the fastest growing communities’ in Arizona. In 1880, Vail was a tiny railroad siding that connected ranchers and miners whose very existence and survival depended on the life-giving water of Cienega creek. Vail has grown so quickly that it is in danger of losing touch with the durable community bonds and respect for the landscape needed to live harmoniously with the Sonoran Desert. Voices of Vail provides a vision for a path forward rooted in respect for the traditions that came before us.
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